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Location: Tunis, Tunisia.

Year: 2022 – 2023

Status: Competition. 5th prize.

Program: Museum, auditorium, archeological site

Client: Expertise France S.A.S.


In collaboration with Anis Souissi Architecte.


Proposal for an international open competition including the new Carthage museum, restoration of the Byrsa Acropolis and the new UNESCO Square entrance plaza including functional design of the existing Acropolium Cathedral.


The proposal follows the historic axiality imposed by the Roman urban design, with the Decumanus Maximus main axis as the prevalent datum of symmetry. The newly introduced exterior architecture is in dialogue with the historical site and existing buildings, utilising classical rhythm and proportion as well as local Thala stone material to imbed the contemporary architecture into its historically prominent setting.


With new building volumes, a new museum courtyard in enclosed within the site. An open air access is provided between the sculpture yard and the surrounding Acropolis to provide a comprehensive museal setting. The Acropolium Cathedral, set within the main Decumanus Maximus, is proposed as an open library and event space showcasing the history of Carthage. A further entry to the museum is provided from the interior of the Cathedral.